We envision a future where value and excellence is inspired in brands of all sizes and forms.

Who Are We?

At IDAMARIS & Co., we provide copywriting and digital marketing services with a personalized approach to bring out the quality and authenticity of your brand. We exist to fill the gaps where accessibility to such refined services is limited. 

Digital Marketing

From strategy to execution, digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools to leverage in today’s online market. Many businesses make the mistake of juggling the different aspects of digital marketing in-house. Doing this results in an under-developed plan, or a very costly marketing department. Our services are designed in a dynamic way that leaves space brand-specific customization, all whilst maintaining quality and a high ROI for long-term sustainability.

Case Studies


Behind each brand is a person/team with previous experiences, current challenges, and future ambitions. We ask the questions and take careful note of this when getting to know our clients.


Our consultation notes and market research align with our team's passionate expertise to bring to light a personalized marketing strategy plan. We ensure all aspects of the customer journey are targeted.

Taking Action

With a solid strategy in place, our team takes over and handles everything for you. We plot out our services on a tangible timeline with checkpoints to track your progress and adapt the strategy in real-time.


The art of wordcraft is no easy task. The way in which you turn your ideas into words can make or break the impact of virtually anything you do. Our team is highly skilled in a wide range of copywriting services, from courses to books to white papers to SEO blog articles. 

Let's Get The Ball Rolling.