What are my reviews of?

This section of my website is dedicated to giving my personal perspective and feedback on three main aspects:

  1. Literature
  2. Restaurants
  3. Startup businesses



My motivation to writing reviews of literature came from my childhood and high school love for exploring the world of fiction and the phenomenal work of authors and writers from different backgrounds and experiences. As I grew older I stopped exploring literature as much as I would have loved to, mainly due to my college schedule, so hopefully this will also be a first step in making reading and unpacking the literature a habit. Most importantly however, my motivation to do this comes from years of delving into different worlds that writers painted for us that taught me that in order to truly understand a piece of work, one must understand the writer and their human experience as a way to better comprehend the context of the way the literature itself is constructed.

As Mortimer Alder, a philosopher and the author of “How to Read a Book”, describes: for anything worthwhile, work is required. In other words, in order for us to really get the meaning of a piece of literature, one has to chew on it and keep the writer’s personal experiences in mind. While the effort in doing so is lengthy, it is worthwhile — and with time the way we approach literature work slowly becomes easier.

Lastly, I want to thank my high school literature teacher Mrs. Sophie Bamwoyeraki who truly instilled in me pure love for dissecting a piece of work as a way of understanding the underlying message intended, and for showing me the beautiful world of literature.



What motivated me here was a combination of my love for food (ha!) and for dining out, as well as my desire to explore different cuisines around the world. Moreover, I found that in doing so, I fell in love with being able to support local businesses and help them by sharing my own positive experiences and constructive feedback. I try to avoid going to franchised chain restaurants and opt for locally-owned restaurants in order to obtain a authentic experience of the cuisine and culture, as well as to give my support to lesser-known food spots!

My food reviews consist of brief information on the restaurant visited (name, location, local location, website if available, and a brief description and history), followed by an overall rating of the location out of 5. It also consists of a detailed reflection of my experiences of every visit, and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses (including suggestions for areas of improvement). Before I conclude my overall analysis of the food spot, I give my ratings out of 5 on each of the following aspects:

  • Cleanliness: how clean the cooking area/serving area/tables and food itself are
  • Presentation: how well the food/beverages are presented
  • Service: how personable, friendly, and helpful the service was, as well as speed!
  • Atmosphere: the decor of the area, the overall vibes, and how comfortable I felt
  • Value for money: if the food/beverages & services were worth amount charged
  • Food quality: how good the food tasted, how well it was prepared/seasoned/cooked
  • Music: while not all places have music, I give my ratings on the music if it does!

I also share pictures/videos as much as I can from each location I review! Please feel free to comment or leave me a message if you have any concerns/questions on any of my reviews of restaurants. I hope my reviews are able to help you navigate the dining world wherever you travel to, or even help you with exploring the different cuisine options in your local area!


Startup Businesses

My main motivation for this aspect of my reviews is to provide startup businesses the opportunity to share with us their business vision and mission. For this section, I like to target businesses that are relatively small and still navigating their way to the top. Often we tend to turn to bigger brands and businesses instead of supporting smaller ones, in fear that their services aren’t as reliable or worthwhile. However time and time again I have learnt that not only is it better to turn to smaller businesses to find more unique and original services/products, but also in supporting them we are able to learn more about the cultural history of these smaller-scale businesses and support them in gaining further exposure!

For this section, I approach reviewing businesses by looking at at the service/products they provide, and explore several aspects:

  • The overall mission and vision of the business/brand
  • How they go about in accomplishing their mission
  • What the brand represents
  • Why they started the business and the overall driving motivation/inspiration in doing so
  • How long the business has been open to public and what has been achieved since then
  • What their target market is
  • What their future goals are
  • Etc.

Once again, I hope you are able to learn more about the different startup businesses and be able to support and watch them grow with me! If you have any suggestions for businesses you think are definitely worth me reviewing them, please feel free to reach out to me/leave a comment and I shall check!



IDAMARIS 21.06.2018




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