Fang Fang Restaurant – Central Kampala (4.5/5)

Name: Fang Fang Restaurant

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Local location: Plot 1, Conville Street, Roof Terrace Communication House


Description/Brief History: Fang Fang is one of the oldest Cantonese-Chinese restaurants in Kampala, Uganda that is still up and running (established in 1997 – my birth year!). With two branches, one at the Fang Fang Hotel in Nakasero and the other in Central Kampala at the Roof Terrace Communication House, it specialises in serving South-Eastern Chinese food. Despite its relatively long-standing age, it has managed to keep up its reputation regardless of the many Chinese restaurants that have popped up around the city in the following years.

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Overall Rating: images images images images images-1

My Personal Experience(s)

I have been going to Fang Fang since as long as I can remember, and at one point every time my Dad asked my brothers and I where we wanted to go for dinner on our Sunday family nights out, we would all chime in “FANG FANG!”. It was, and still is, my favourite spot to go for dinner. The restaurant that is being reviewed is the one located at the Communication House, which at first may seem like a odd place for a Chinese restaurant, but upon entering you are greeted with beautiful Chinese decor and several Ugandan and Chinese hostesses/waiters/waitresses dressed in traditional Chinese clothes.

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Bar Section
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Entrance Lounge Area

On top of the lovely red and forest green (my favourite colour!) colour scheme and the traditional Chinese textures, there is a live piano player who plays soft and elegant pieces in the background. There are several places you could choose to sit at, whether it is the bar area, the general dining area, or even the appealing terrace, which is a perfect spot when the sun is setting and where they sometimes host a live performance! They also have private rooms you can reserve for group meals that include tables with a revolving centre to make sharing meals all the easier.

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Private Group Dining Rooms
Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 2.15.21 PM.png
Terrace Dining Area
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Terrace Dining Area

But what about the food and the service? One thing I absolutely respect Fang Fang for, is their phenomenal star service. The friendliness, the speed and the quality consistency EVERY time I go there has never failed to impress me. Within minutes you get your food, and its all steaming hot and fresh. As for the food quality? I have yet to find another Chinese place that serves as top-quality food as Fang Fang does. Whether it is thanks to the gifted chef and management behind the scenes, or simply a result of over 20 years of putting a smile on their customers’ faces, they always manage to meet their standards and set the bar high. Fang Fang is known for its best tofu dishes in the region, amongst many other vegetarian options, and almost every meal has a chicken, beef, duck or fish option. They also have amazing soups – my favourite being the chicken-mushroom soup. My go-to order at Fang Fang is always to get their crispy vegetable spring rolls and chicken in a basket as an appetiser.

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Vegetable Spring Rolls – appetiser (by far the best I have ever had, anywhere!)
Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 2.13.44 PM.png
Chicken in a Basket — cooked with ginger and onions, served in the traditional Chinese potato basket <3

Followed by the appetisers, which I sometimes order a bowl of chicken-mushroom soup alongside with, I get either sizzling beef or sizzling chicken served with a side of vegetable-fried rice. The sizzling meal always comes popping, sizzling hot on a special serving platter. As you can see so far, they have really cute food presentation. For dessert they serve you complimentary fruits, but I have a special love for their banana split if I have some space left in my stomach (which usually isn’t the case!).

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Sizzling Chicken – my favourite of the two!
Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 2.14.57 PM.png
Sizzling Beef
Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 2.15.38 PM.png
Vegetable-Fried Rice — they also have great egg-fried rice!

To Sum It Up…


Cleanliness: images.png images.png images.png images.png images.png

Presentation: images.png images.png images.png images.png images.png

Service: images.png images.png images.png images.png images.png

Atmosphere: images.png images.png images.png images.png images.png

Value for money: images.png images.png images.png images.png images-1

Food quality: images.png images.png images.png images.png images.png

Music: images.png images.png images.png images.png Greystar

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 2.15.48 PM.png
Traditional Chinese Decor Adds to the Unique Atmosphere
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Food Presentation and Quality Sets the Bar High!

To Conclude …

Overall, there is a reason this restaurant is still doing so well — they have maintained their top-notch standards and quality consistency, while celebrating the Chinese culture proudly over the 20+ years they have been in business. Whenever I visit Fang Fang, I always leave touched by their friendly hospitality and craving for more of their scrumptious food. This is the one place that, no matter how many times I go, I simply don’t get tired of their menu!


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