Lomeli’s Mexican Food – Downtown (4.5/5)

Name: Lomeli’s Mexican Food

Location: Plattsburgh, New York

Local location: 24 Oak St., across the street from Plattsburgh Public Library

Website: They do not currently have one, but their Facebook page is active!

Description/Brief History: Lomeli’s is a local, family-owned restaurant located in Downtown Plattsburgh. According to an article featured in Press Republican, Lomeli Martinez’s family first moved to Plattsburgh as a subcontractor for the Nova Bus plant. He brought Martinez with him, along with Lomeli’s brothers, Edward and Ralph, and her brother-in-law, Fonzi Meza. Her parents provided the inspiration to own their own business. Neither finished high school, as they left school to marry at a young age and eventually raise a family of five children. Lomeli said that while their ethnicity does stand out in the North Country, they have been well received.

The restaurant can seat 49 people. Lomeli said takeout had been more popular than dine-in, but the new space offers more seats than their old location. They also provide catering services. Delivery is available within the Plattsburgh town and city limits. Lomeli said it is refreshing to be one of the many unique options the expanding downtown dining scene, which has so far avoided national chains.”This allows us to be comfortable as a family, share our traditions and fit in with the community,” she said.

The full article can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/lomelismexicanfoodtruck/

The Martinez Family
Overall Rating

My Personal Experience(s)

Lomeli’s Mexican Food is the first time I have ever been able to try authentic, family-cooked Mexican cuisine. After an overly-bland experience at Taco Bell, and a hit-or-miss relationship with Chipotle, I vowed to steer clear of Americanized Mexican fast food chains. With a small Mexican population in Plattsburgh, I never really got the opportunity to try authentic family Mexican food until Lomeli.

The best seller is the garbage burrito, which features chicken and asada (marinated beef), beans, cheese, rice, guacamole, sour cream, cilantro, onion and french fries wrapped in a tortilla. Much like all their food, their asada is made fresh in the kitchen every day to ensure utmost freshness and quality of their meals.

When I went I ordered chicken tacos, and smooth guacamole with chips as a starter. The friend I went with ordered a plate of the “Fat Girl Fries” — essentially a plate of fries topped with cheese, rice, cilantro, onion, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and asada (which she had removed to the side for me since she is vegetarian). The portion sizes were all huge, and for the price of the meal it really was a great value for money spent. The presentation of the food itself was also really cute, and it all tasted delicious!

Their menu is very short and simple, giving it more of a homey-like touch. The restaurant often offers daily specials, usually some off-menu choice that Lomeli decides to cook up just for that day. Additionally, they feature tamales on the first Friday of very month. Finally, the vibe of the place was one-of-a-kind with adorable interior designing and the friendliest customer service.

To Sum It Up…


Value 4 Money
Food Quality

To Conclude…

All in all I absolutely would recommend this cute spot to try if you find yourself hungry for something fresh and different! Additionally, it is a great way to support a local family business that truly have passion for what they do. Lomeli’s stands out from the other food spots Downtown and it is walking distance from a lot of the other famous spots in that region.

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