Your Health is Your Wealth

Stop Searching/Waiting For Happiness — CREATE your own definition of being content.

For Mental Health Awareness Day, I am excited to share my first video of my Vlog series! An ode to those on their journey to building their own definition of happiness and ultimately finding an unshakable sense of peace within  — one that is untouched by external circumstances, luck, events, physical health …. basically anything beyond our control. Our health is truly the most valuable and relevant currency we could possibly harness. Treat it like so — within the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

”for as long as I can recall, i struggled with depression. thoughts of suicide clouded my mind almost DAILY — and i could never understand what was wrong with me. this manifested into isolation, self-destructive behavior and constant internalized anger. i harbored a darkness that i didn’t know how to channel in a healthy manner. i blamed my environment. i blamed myself.
it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago, when i made the decision to put everything on halt to not find, but BUILD my own happiness, that everything finally started to make sense.
i’m super excited to share with you my first vlog entry. my intentions are merely to document my experience down this road, and to share it in the hopes that someone who truly will benefit from this will see it and feel woken up too.
not for likes nor follows — but please do let me know what you think!!
share with your loved ones if you feel anything i share resonates with you.
alhamdulilah for the strength and direction that God instilled in me — and most
importantly for bringing me the people (both personally and impersonally) who inspired me, the experiences that humbled me, and the patience that blossomed me.”

Published by Rana Hijazi

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