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Recipes. Reviews. Travel stories. Bits and tips to inspire a healthy outlook on wellbeing. With a specialty in lifestyle writing, I have always had a profound passion for turning life experiences and lessons into words. This, I thought one day, would be a perfect skill to share with others who may need help with writing services. In fact, this blog was first published back in 2018 on my birthday. At that time, I was doing all my work for fun, since I was still a college student. I wanted a healthy outlet to express myself, to document my experiences as I traveled and moved to different parts of the world, in addition to keeping a record of my journey in this magnificent world that we live in. It is that devotion for writing since I was a kid that stood the test of time, and continues to give me the opportunity to help others accomplish their own goals through writing, all whilst doing something I love!

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We all have to start somewhere, right? Behind every surgeon is an enthusiastic freshman that just got accepted into a pre-medicine program at their local college, eager to begin the journey to the finish line. The successful CEO is able to reminisce of the nights staying up late watching inspirational how-to videos of their role model entrepreneurs. With professional writing, it all begins with creating for the sake of art and helping others — and that is the story behind my company IDAMARIS. Take a look below at what web content I wrote over the years, ensuring everything had the best possible SEO, all whilst keeping the writing as smooth and as interesting to the reader as possible.


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