Content Writing Portfolio

Recipes. Reviews. Travel stories. Bits and tips to inspire a healthy outlook on wellbeing. With a specialty in lifestyle writing, I have always had a profound passion for turning life experiences and lessons into words. This, I thought one day, would be a perfect skill to share with others who may need help with writingContinue reading “Content Writing Portfolio”

A Dip of the Toe into DUBAI — a much-needed wake-up call.

The Nudge on the Shoulder My phone screen lit up in the dimmed-down cabin of the 12-hour flight departing from JFK to Dubai International Airport. We were about 5 hours in and I had slept pretty much the entire way. An email notification? Right now? I was irritated and drained — I had spent theContinue reading “A Dip of the Toe into DUBAI — a much-needed wake-up call.”

Your Health is Your Wealth

Stop Searching/Waiting For Happiness — CREATE your own definition of being content. For Mental Health Awareness Day, I am excited to share my first video of my Vlog series! An ode to those on their journey to building their own definition of happiness and ultimately finding an unshakable sense of peace within¬† — one thatContinue reading “Your Health is Your Wealth”

Lomeli’s Mexican Food – Downtown (4.5/5)

Name: Lomeli’s Mexican Food Location: Plattsburgh, New York Local location: 24 Oak St., across the street from Plattsburgh Public Library Website: They do not currently have one, but their Facebook page is active! Description/Brief History: Lomeli’s is a local, family-owned restaurant located in Downtown Plattsburgh. According to an article featured in Press Republican, Lomeli Martinez’sContinue reading “Lomeli’s Mexican Food – Downtown (4.5/5)”

Beetroot Potato-Egg Salad

This recipe is an addition to my previous post of regular potato-egg salad, but with beetroots added! This recipe serves 8. Ingredients 3-4 medium potatoes 1 -3 tablespoons mayonaise (as you prefer) 2 tablespoons vinegar 1 tablespoon yellow mustard 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 small beetroots, diced 4 eggs Directions Boil potatoes and eggs in saltedContinue reading “Beetroot Potato-Egg Salad”

Toum — The Famous Lebanese White Garlic Sauce

“Toum” is a traditional garlic dipping sauce with a creamy consistency, originating from Lebanon. It can be eaten on its own, spread on bread, or even as an accompaniment to almost any dish — most famously with shish twouk, shawarma, etc. While simple in terms of its ingredients, toum requires patience and time to make,Continue reading “Toum — The Famous Lebanese White Garlic Sauce”

A Quick Tour of Dubai

During one of my longer layovers in Dubai, which was around 13 hours long, I was able to do a quick tour of the city. I had initially planned a week-long trip to Dubai that month but it hadn’t worked out for various reasons so I decided to postpone the trip. However, thanks to EmiratesContinue reading “A Quick Tour of Dubai”

Uganda National Mosque

The Uganda National Mosque is the largest mosque in East Africa, located at Kampala Hill in the Old Kampala region of Kampala, Uganda. Construction of the mosque began in 2001 and was completed by 2006 before opening to the public in 2007. The construction of the marvelous mosque was funded by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ofContinue reading “Uganda National Mosque”

Cassava Leaf Stew

Growing up, my mother’s love for cooking and exploring many different meals from different cultures all over the globe heavily influenced the way I approach cooking and eating now. Whether it was the flavoursome Filipino Adobo or creamy Italian risotto, or even the juicy Lebanese wraps — she always had something new to bring toContinue reading “Cassava Leaf Stew”