Beetroot Potato-Egg Salad

This recipe is an addition to my previous post of regular potato-egg salad, but with beetroots added! This recipe serves 8. Ingredients 3-4 medium potatoes 1 -3 tablespoons mayonaise (as you prefer) 2 tablespoons vinegar 1 tablespoon yellow mustard 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 small beetroots, diced 4 eggs Directions Boil potatoes and eggs in saltedContinue reading “Beetroot Potato-Egg Salad”

Toum — The Famous Lebanese White Garlic Sauce

“Toum” is a traditional garlic dipping sauce with a creamy consistency, originating from Lebanon. It can be eaten on its own, spread on bread, or even as an accompaniment to almost any dish — most famously with shish twouk, shawarma, etc. While simple in terms of its ingredients, toum requires patience and time to make,Continue reading “Toum — The Famous Lebanese White Garlic Sauce”

Fried Cassava Root – Quick!

What plant is toxic eaten raw, but highly nutritious when cooked? Cassava. Cassava, a woody shrub originally from Brazil but contributing to a substantial amount of calorie intake in Africa, Asia and Latin America, is one of the most efficient producers of carbohydrates and energy among all food crops. This recipe looks at the friedContinue reading “Fried Cassava Root – Quick!”

Traditional Lebanese Hummus

Hummus spread has always been a popular staple part of Lebanese diet — whether it’s on the side of our lahme meshweye (goat meat kebabs) on Eid, or at the dinner table, or even in our pita bread sandwiches. Similar to Foul Mudammas, the origins of Hummus can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. TraditionallyContinue reading “Traditional Lebanese Hummus”

Tomato-Stuffed Avocado

  This avocado recipe is my favourite mainly because it simply tastes incredible AND looks really, really picturesque. Additionally, it’s a great from-scratch recipe that you can easily do with what you have in the fridge if your avocados are starting to sit around for too long and you need a fast way to getContinue reading “Tomato-Stuffed Avocado”

Avocado with Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing

This recipe is one my father taught me, and is a salad that would make a frequent appearance on our dinner table growing up. Chopped/sliced fresh avocado dressed in lemon juice and olive oil dressing with just a pinch of salt and sometimes, garlic. As a kid I honestly hated eating raw avocado so thisContinue reading “Avocado with Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing”