Cassava Leaf Stew

Growing up, my mother’s love for cooking and exploring many different meals from different cultures all over the globe heavily influenced the way I approach cooking and eating now. Whether it was the flavoursome Filipino Adobo or creamy Italian risotto, or even the juicy Lebanese wraps — she always had something new to bring toContinue reading “Cassava Leaf Stew”

Béchamel Carrot-Pea Stuffed Potato

Béchamel sauce, which is a French sauce that is well-known for its simplicity, is made from white roux mixed in milk. Roux is a mixture of melted butter and flour whisked well together. Also known as white sauce, Béchamel is used as the base many other sauces and has been considered since the seventeenth century one of the mother saucesContinue reading “Béchamel Carrot-Pea Stuffed Potato”

Mama’s Chicken Wings

This recipe is an extremely special one for me, as it is one that has run in the family for a multitude of generations. With a unique twist of Lebanese shish tawouk spices, topped with tomato sauce and garlic, these wings are definitely one of a kind. I love to have them with a sideContinue reading “Mama’s Chicken Wings”

Chicken Shish Tawouk Wrap — with Vegan Option

The first time I fell in love with shish tawouk was on the beaches of Tyre, Lebanon. If I had to pick a favorite dish, as a Lebanese, Shish Tawouk is probably number one. Shish Tawouk is a perfect example of Lebanese cuisine as it is filled with flavor from the popular Shish Tawouk spices,Continue reading “Chicken Shish Tawouk Wrap — with Vegan Option”

Mudammas Foul

Foul, pronounced “fuul”, is a popular breakfast in Lebanon and one of my favorites! This meal takes me back all the way to my visits to Lebanon in the summers as a kid, and Sunday morning breakfast with my parents. Ahhh. Also, just like many middle-eastern traditional recipes, it is absolutely bursting with garlic freshness.Continue reading “Mudammas Foul”

Steak with Cream of Mushroom Sauce

I think this is the recipe I have made the most, mainly because it’s so easy to put together and yields so much flavor. I remember the first time I took a bite of this absolute creamy heaven was one summer evening on Ramadan, when my aunt blessed us with a touch of her cooking.Continue reading “Steak with Cream of Mushroom Sauce”