A Dip of the Toe into DUBAI — a much-needed wake-up call.

The Nudge on the Shoulder My phone screen lit up in the dimmed-down cabin of the 12-hour flight departing from JFK to Dubai International Airport. We were about 5 hours in and I had slept pretty much the entire way. An email notification? Right now? I was irritated and drained — I had spent theContinue reading “A Dip of the Toe into DUBAI — a much-needed wake-up call.”

A Quick Tour of Dubai

During one of my longer layovers in Dubai, which was around 13 hours long, I was able to do a quick tour of the city. I had initially planned a week-long trip to Dubai that month but it hadn’t worked out for various reasons so I decided to postpone the trip. However, thanks to EmiratesContinue reading “A Quick Tour of Dubai”