The Faces Behind The Magic

Rana Hijazi

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

When she first founded this company, Rana had recently graduated college as a pre-medicine student and was freelancing as a copywriter and ghostwriter. Working within the marketing industry gave her insight on the increasing need for businesses to take their voices and brand identity online, and to connect with their customers through digital marketing. She partnered up with a passionate group of 25+ experts, who were eager to come together to leverage their experiences and talent, and bring their shared vision to life.

Leen Amin

Chief Executive Manager

Leen was, and remains, on the way to completing her Bachelor of Science in Economics when she joined the agency as an intern. Fueled with motivation to help bring the mission to fruition, she stepped into the Research Executive position to ensure the success of the clients' marketing strategy. Today, she manages the essentials of each project, and is the primary point of contact for the GrowthCubed affiliate program. Being part of the digital world gave her a further view of what she wants to continue with in her career.

Naveed Tariq

IT Project Manager

With all the talent working behind the scenes, Naveed steps in to manage the back-end work. He has an MBA In Human Resource Management, and leverages his experience to maintain synergy between our different tech departments, and works closely with our in-house copywriters, designers, content creators, and more.

Diana Vargas Mora

Chief Operating Officer

As a recent graduate with a Masters in Marketing and Sales Management, Diana was ready to dive into the field of international marketing consultation. Helping build the agency was a perfect opportunity to work with clients all across the globe and bring her expertise to the table. Diana is actively taking specialization courses in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy, and continues to grow and learn more every day to ensure that clients are getting the most effective and relevant marketing solutions for their specific needs.

Oscar Sheikh

Chief Technical Officer

Oscar connected with the agency in the early stages of development and saw the potential of bringing in his talented team of developers and marketing specialists into the in-house team. After months of working together as a partnership, we eventually joined forces and have been growing our team since then. Oscar has over 25 years of experience in business management in the United Kingdom and the United States, and is actively training and managing our tech team to ensure the highest of quality results for our clients.

Muhammad Saqib

Head of Fulfillment

Moe has extensive experience and impressive credentials with a M.S. in Computer Science and MPhil in Marketing. He leads all tech-related projects, spanning from social media marketing, email campaign automation, search engine optimization, and so much more. He ensures the results are nothing short of stellar.

Ahmed Bilal

Head of Development

Ahmed runs the tech back-end of all development-based projects. He has a BS in Computer Science, and has developed dozens of websites and mobile applications. He leads the team to make sure the websites, mobiles, and custom-built softwares are in-line with all aspects of the user experience.

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