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lgi-1 Gene

A cellular biology summary research report.

Lgi-​ 1 is a gene that codes for LGI1, commonly known as epitempin, a protein in which disruptions of have shown links to autosomal dominant lateral temporal epilepsy. This is a seizure disorder that is characterized by auditory signs followed by partial seizures. Little is known about the protein but numerous studies isolating the protein to understand the structure and function have been done. LGI-1 protein is a 60-kDa secreted protein, with a N-terminal leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domain and a C-terminal epitempin-repeat (EPTP) domain. These repeat domains are of vital importance in the role LGI-1 plays in connecting receptors ADAM-22 and ADAM-23 in the presynaptic and postsynaptic cleft, respectively. Ultimately the protein has shown to have two primary functions: (i) the regulation of AMPAR-mediated synaptic transmission and (ii) presynaptic potassium ion channel mechanics. This allows for a promising epilepsy therapeutic target in the future.”

The Effect of Parafolmaldehyde on Paramecium tetraurelia

A cellular biology experimental lab report.

Paramecium tetraurelia​, a unicellular, ciliated protist that thrives in fresh-water, relies on the defensive function of its trichocysts and its cilia to protect itself from predators and other external threats. By changing the environment, or solution, to which it is exposed, the overall defense mechanism of ​P. tetraurelia can be more clearly understood through close observation of resulting phenotypic changes. Moreover, in doing so, the impacts of the solution itself on the organism can also be explored and thus we can gain a deeper understanding of the compound in question.

The Effect of Parafolmaldehyde on Paramecium tetraurelia

A cellular biology experimental lab report.

“The purpose of this experiment was to expose ​Paramecium tetraurelia​ to various concentrations of Valproate and observe any phenotypic changes that occurred to the ​P. tetraurelia​ cells. In doing so, we were able to gain further understanding of the defense mechanisms of ​P. tetraurelia​ upon exposure to an unfavorable environmental condition, as well as the impacts of Valproate on a unicellular, ciliated organism.”


A medical summary research report.

“Epilepsy, although one of the most common neurological disorders with relatively high associated economic costs, is one of the most overlooked and underfunded neurological conditions. As a result, Epilepsy is a widely misunderstood affliction and thousands of lives are affected as a result. Moreover, with no known cure, Epilepsy is a condition with an alarmingly high mortality rate whereby the brain produces sudden bursts of electrical energy that can interfere with a person’s state of consciousness, movements and/or general sensations. This paper focuses on the different current treatments for Epilepsy, including both modern and alternative medical approaches.”

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

A medical nutrition therapy summary research report.

“Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), also known as the Stein-Leventhal Syndrome, is the most common hormonal disorder in women of reproductive age. The main features of PCOS include irregular periods, excess androgen levels, and polycystic ovaries1. Androgen hormones are responsible for binding to androgen receptors, thus regulating the development and maintenance of male characteristics. It is for this reason that one of the defining features of a woman with PCOS, along with other symptoms, is the development of excess facial or body hair. Polycystic ovaries describe enlarged ovaries that contain many fluid-filled follicles that surround the eggs. These polycystic ovaries can be up to 8mm in size, and are unable to release an egg, meaning that ovulation does not occur.”


An invertebrate zoology summary research report.

“Octopoda, commonly known as octopuses, is an order within the class of Celalophoda in a larger phylum of Mollusca. Tracing back their history, the ancestors of this order were most likely shelled predatory mollusks that lost their shells later on. From such an animal it is believed that the Cephalopod class and then various families, genus, and species of Octopoda evolved (Campbell, 2017). All Cephalopods are marine, have bilateral symmetry, and have tentacles that are equipped with suckers. They possess a radula and a parrot-like beak in the center of their tentacles with which they can use to bite and tear tissue. There are many different types of octopuses, from those that inhabit shallow waters to those that walk the bottom of the ocean, each that have defeated the odds of evolution and ultimately developed abilities that helped the species survive their environment today.”

The Impact Of Globalization On Tanzania

A global issues analysis report.

“Globalization, both cultural and economic, has enhanced the interconnectivity of countries worldwide. Driven primarily by economic and political needs, countries communicate and collaborate with one another to allow the movement of money across borders, and thus keep economic globalization flowing. Consequently, cultural ideas, meanings, and values of different traditions have, over time, spread globally. The spread of the United State’s culture, such as the global expansion of many American fast-food chains, is an example of how a more powerful country and its respective culture have a larger influence on cultural globalization. However, with globalization comes colonization as more powerful countries occupy other less powerful countries. The Maji Maji War against German colonial rule in what is now Tanzania is a reflection of what many colonized nations endured as a result of colonizer oppression and portrays the magnitude of impact colonization can have on indigenous populations.”

The African Initiative Constitution

A basic organization constitution.

Section A: Officer Positions and Responsibilities

(a) ​President:​ The main liaison between the VP for Organizations and the club. They must attend the mandatory SA club meeting held every semester. Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

● Presides over meetings of the organization
● Calls special meetings of the organization
● Facilitates executive board meetings
● Prepares and files any report required
● Appoints committee chairpeople
● Maintains contact with organization adviser
● Maintains contact with organization alumni

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My eight-year-old hands held on tight to my mum’s sweaty palms under the scratchy bed sheets that she had wrapped tightly around me. I watched the flickering shadows of the candles up against the hallway walls as she said a little prayer in my ear, urging me to stay silent. In the distance, I could hear the growing rumbles of the Israeli fighter jets as they flew over. The ground trembling with each attack on nearby buildings. The panicked screams of innocent families as they ran for shelter. This was the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel war, also known as the “July War” — or as we say in Lebanon — ”Hareb Tamouz”. During this time, for 30 days, my family and I were forced into hiding. With nothing but mattresses and thin sheets in the hallways of apartments that I couldn’t even call home, we lived on the edge for each of those 30 days — unsure which would be our last.”

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